Chapter 1452 - The Nine Tribulations Against a Ninth-Grade S

Chapter 1452 The Nine Tribulations Against a Ninth-Grade Supreme Martial Artist, First Show of Outstanding TalentsXiao Chenlei felt a bit tragic.His biggest shock was that he didn’t expect the opponent to have two such strong Sword and Saber Supremacy! The very first blow hurt his drive.

After the first blow, one sentence from the opponent again hit him at his weakest point, fueling his anger.

Immediately after, the blooming of viburnum flowers covered him in bursts of cold sweat, and as the cold wind blew, he suddenly felt that his clothes were cut by the viburnum flowers, and he could clearly feel the sharp viburnum flowers scratching on his skin.

It was like being pierced into pieces!

Just when this kind of feeling came over him, he was again attacked by the combined attack of the dragon and the phoenix, and the impact on his consciousness was really unbearable.

If it had been any other time before this, he wouldn’t really feel like this! But right now, he had worked at the side of the dragon and phoenix remains for days, and that kind of overwhelming suppression was already deep in his bones.

Right now, on top of the dragon and phoenix remains, there was actually a living dragon and a phoenix attacking him!

At this moment, death invaded Xiao Chenlei’s mind and he almost went crazy.

Could those remains be resurrected?

And it was during such consternation that Ao Xieyun and Rui Butong’s attacks truly injured this ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist!

Having never been injured for seven or eight thousand years, now that this feeling suddenly came over him, it felt really different.

Right at this moment, there was actually yet another wild wolf-like attack…

Just as he was about to mobilize his intent to kill this guy with a hit, another wave came! And this flash of sword light contained such an immediate, ruthless, deadly and destructive murderous intent that it had an air that was even more terrible than all those previous attacks combined!

Xiao Chenlei yelled loudly and hurried to mobilize the cultivation of his to confront the attack violently!

Luo Kedi’s sword light shot through the air horizontally, and as he shouted and cried, it rushed toward Xiao Chenlei as though it was fighting him to death.

Xiao Chenlei had countless ways and total confidence to kill him with one blow! Yet he didn’t dare to.

Because if he did that, the sword light on the right would definitely pierce through him, poking a transparent hole on him! Even though it wouldn’t be enough to kill him, it was a troublesome affair.

Once someone reached the cultivation of ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist, they would not get injured easily; but once they did, it would not be easy to recover! It would definitely take a long time before one could recover — This was also why Ning Tianya needed such a long time to recover after he was injured back then.

But under such circumstances, with the opponent being so strong, how could he injure himself?

He yelled and his saber slashed toward Luo Kedi.

But when he was hesitating, it gave Luo Kedi enough time, and being extremely clever, how would he still attack the same way? He had already slashed his sword continuously 36 times in the air, and the 36 waves of sword light converged into one and slashed right down with great momentum!

With a loud noise, blood spurted uncontrollably out of Luo Kedi’s mouth, and his body drifted backward like a kite being cut off from its strings…

He was rushing forward at top speed and suddenly, with a direct hit in the front, he flew back with a swoosh. The turn was so quick that it actually pulled his pants off. Luckily, he still remembered to sharply hook it with his toes…

Therefore, with his hairy thighs exposed, his pants and robe hanging on his feet, he flew straight forward without even turning over… He was absolutely like a big kite!

Ao Xieyun and Rui Butong were feeling huge discomfort from the boiling blood, but at this moment, they couldn’t help but smile.

There, Xiao Chenlei and Chu Yang had already collided hard!

Like two meteors flying in the night sky, they collided fiercely!

“The Nine Tribulations Sword, what harm is there in slaughtering the entire world!”

This time, Chu Yang did not conceal anything, with his full strength, he made this move! It was the purest and most focused attack he had made! This time, he didn’t mean to hide his identity at all — Today, these people from Xiao Clan were already dead in the eyes of Chu Yang! In any case, they would definitely be killed!

And this was Yue Lingxue’s opinion as well. With such a guarantee, Chu Yang did not have any worries!

The dead would never reveal secrets.

The longsword reached his body splendidly.

At the moment before the contact, the memory of the long-standing legend in Xiao Chenlei’s mind suddenly recovered. At this moment, Xiao Chenlei, who was in full momentum just now, suddenly opened his eyes and screamed in horror, “What harm is there in slaughtering the entire world?!”

Chu Yang had a cold smile at the corners of his mouth and no expression at all on his face. He didn’t speak but came rushing over!

But Xiao Chenlei’s mind was messed up!

It was not only panic but also fear!

He finally understood who these people were who fought him one after the other!

It turned out to be the legendary Nine Tribulations Sword Master and his Nine Tribulations!

No wonder all of them were such scary geniuses! No wonder all of them were so sharp… At this age, even the most outstanding youth of the Nine Super Clans wouldn’t be a match for the weakest among them!

It’s the Nine Tribulations Sword Master indeed and the Nine Tribulations are truly worth their name!

The sword light already came to him!

Xiao Chenlei yelled, “You’re the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, but does that mean I’m afraid of you?”

Mockery revealed in Chu Yang’s eyes — “Why to speak if you’re not afraid?”

Xiao Chenlei almost felt like slapping himself hard. This sentence was said with no confidence at all, and it told the enemy clearly that he was already afraid…

The longsword suddenly produced a ring of light and a wall of light that collided against Chu Yang’s sword.

With a bang, Xiao Chenlei discovered that his sword was shattered into pieces. His sword had already fought against six people — Gu Duxing, Dong Wushang, Xie Danqiong, Ao Xieyun, Rui Butong and Luo Kedi!

The weapons in the hands of these six were extraordinary, and for this sword to hold up until this moment without breaking, it was already extremely rare. But it reached the end of its life.

And at this time, it actually met the Nine Tribulations Sword of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master!

The ancestor of all swords!

How could it possibly not fall apart immediately?

The longsword was shattered, while the light had disappeared…

The funny thing was, at the moment when the longsword was destroyed, Xiao Chenlei thought to himself, “F*ck, I’m so stupid. In the face of the Nine Tribulation Sword Master and his Nine Tribulation Sword, I actually used a weapon to deal with it. It was really a stupid mistake.”

But just while he was thinking so, he instinctively hurled out his saber again.

When he waved it out, he was immediately regretful in his heart — “Why did I throw the saber again…”

But with a loud bang, the scarred saber also broke into pieces. The momentum of Chu Yang’s sword remained unchanged, and it went forward! There was already blood seeping from the corner of his mouth.

In the two contacts just now, although Xiao Chenlei had no intention to fight, the huge cultivation of ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist still shook Chu Yang badly. But he didn’t care at all. ‘What harm is there in slaughtering the entire world?’ Only half of the momentum was used, he could still keep going!

Xiao Chenlei shouted and his palms attacked continuously, and the sky was immediately turbulent with roaring wind and clouds. He hit out dozens of palm strikes continuously, while his body retreated rapidly.

He finally started to retreat!

Although there were dozens of reasons for this, be it physical, mental, conscious, weaponry, cultivation consumption, etc. After being repeatedly attacked during the engagement all this time, he already had less than half of his usual cultivation. After seeing the Nine Tribulation Sword Master, he had totally lost the intention to fight…

However, this was after all the first time since Chu Yang’s debut that he forced a ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist to retreat in front of himself!

This was a historic moment!

The Nine Tribulations Sword Master forcing a ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist to retreat for the first time!

Below, countless people looked up at this fight of the strong, everyone looked inexplicably nervous and felt that kind of huge pressure…

The two faced each other, Xiao Chenlei flew back, while Chu Yang and his sword attacked!

As the palm strikes came, the blood at the corners of Chu Yang’s mouth overflowed more and more, and there were several broken bones in his body. But he pursed his lips, and the look in his eyes was sharp, cold and firm!

It was as though he would never give up until he pierced the ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist with his sword!

One advanced while one retreated at very different speeds!

Among the roars of Xiao Chenlei, Chu Yang’s Nine Tribulations Sword finally reached his body!

Xiao Chenlei felt the cold light of the sword light and finally couldn’t avoid it anymore, and started fighting for his life.

Before this, if someone said that Xiao Chenlei would be fighting for his life in this battle, he would scoff at them; but now, he was desperately fighting for his life!

His arms spread and suddenly, crisscrossing sword aura emerged from every position and every part of his body, including his hair.

He attacked with full force!

Chu Yang laughed and said, “That dragon and that phoenix, I’ll take them! What’s your objection?” And then, his body was hit and drifted away!

But right before he drifted away, his sword also pierced Xiao Chenlei’s right shoulder! It only went three inches into the flesh, before it was stopped by a strong, vigorous force and couldn’t advance anymore!

Blood spurted in the sky, while Chu Yang flew back laughing. No one knew that within this moment, he had already consumed two incomplete Nine Tribulations Pills!

The period between Gu Duxing’s first shot and Chu Yang’s retreating was a long process to speak about, but it took merely half a breath’s time.

All the Nine Tribulations brothers including the sword master himself faced a crisis of life and death!

How was a ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist an easy opponent?

The danger of this battle was beyond anyone’s imagination!

Only Chu Yang himself knew that in this extremely short battle, he was close to death twice!

However, he made a historic achievement; he made the high-up, legendary ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist retreat in front of his brothers!

And be injured!

Although this ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist was only an elementary-level and far below peak-level masters like Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou, with an immense difference, he was still a ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist after all!

This battle proved that Chu Yang and his brothers were already qualified to march toward the pinnacle of Nine Heavens!

Xiao Chenlei flew backward, extremely depressed, and the unbearable pain on his right shoulder made him extremely angry!

Although the wound was small, it was bleeding. Moreover, the sword aura attached to the sword exploded instantly, flowing along the meridians and making his right shoulder unable to move.

Seeing that he was about to retreat, suddenly there was a burst of mist in the air around him, and a sword suddenly flashed out of the void, and Mo Lei’er went at him right in this instant.

Red light flashed in a dream-like manner and Qing Wu Dream Saber suddenly appeared!

Mo Qingwu’s saber slashed over!

That was Xiao Chenlei’s most uncomfortable moment!

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Chapter 1452 - The Nine Tribulations Against a Ninth-Grade S
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