Chapter 887 - The Real Mysterious Caller (10)

Chapter 887: The Real Mysterious Caller (10)

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The fire grew stronger outside and there was crying and screaming everywhere. The four of them pounded on the door, yelling for help, but everyone else was busy running away and no one was going to pay any attention to them.

Smoke began to fill the room, the stifling smell making them cough.

Fang Shanshan gritted her teeth. “We can’t just stand around and do nothing.”

The other three looked at her in despair.

Making phone calls would be futile. Who out there would be willing to pass through the flames to rescue them?

“We can’t open the door… and there’s no window…” An Xiaxia mumbled. An idea seemed to strike her then and she looked up at the ceiling.

Fang Shanshan understood right away. She patted Chi Yuanfeng on the shoulder and said, “Fengfeng, get me up there!”

Chi Yuanfeng squatted down to let Fang Shanshan step onto his shoulder. Fang Shanshan gave the ceiling a few knocks and her face lit up. “You guys wait here. I’ll climb out from here and open the door from outside!”

“You stay. Let me go!” Chi Yuanfeng stopped her, looking concerned.

“Teehee, are you worried about me?” Fang Shanshan grinned at him. “You may be wearing a dress, but you’re still a man. It’s too narrow up there and you won’t be able to move around as easily as I can.”

Chi Yuanfeng’s lips trembled. After a moment, he lowered his head, looking defeated. “Be careful, then.”

“Sure. Don’t worry.” Fang Shanshan nimbly climbed into the ceiling. A couple of seconds later, she stuck her head out and said, “Fengfeng, I forgot to tell you: you look great in that dress!”

Chi Yuanfeng shouted at the top of his lungs, “Like hell! I’m a man!”

Fang Shanshan seemed to smile a little and went back in again.

Only then did Chi Yuanfeng look exasperated. He yelled, “Fang Shanshan! Be safe out there! If you like my dress, I’ll wear it for the rest of my life!”

I don’t care if others will ridicule me for it.

All I care about is your safety.

A couple of minutes later, something began to smash on the door from outside. Each sound felt like it was pounding on their hearts.

Outside the door.

Fang Shanshan was covered in dirt and sweat trickled down her forehead.

Not only was the door locked, an iron chain had been wrapped around the handle and a mop had been used to bar the door as well. There was no way they could have opened it from inside!

One look and she knew that someone had done it on purpose!

Someone had made sure that the changing room was completely locked when they weren’t paying attention to what was going on outside!

Even this fire probably wasn’t an accident.

Someone had… deliberately set the fire!

Fang Shanshan’s head was all muddled. She took an ax out of the fire hose box and began to hack, but after a long while, the iron chain still wouldn’t break.

The temperature was rising and she almost burst into tears.

It was only when her gaze landed on the door handle that realization suddenly struck her.

Damn it, why was she hacking at the iron chain? That was so silly!

She could just chop the door handle off and the chain would fall off on its own!

Embarrassed, Fang Shanshan went on hacking, which went smoothly this time. She then split the lock open with one strike and made her grand entrance. “Ladies, your savior is here!”

No one was in the mood to make jokes now and everyone hurried out.

Once they reached a safe spot, Chi Yuanfeng pulled Fang Shanshan into his arms, hugging her so hard that it felt like he was going to press her into his chest!

“Hm… I survived the fire, but I’m going to be smothered by you now!” Despite her complaint, Fang Shanshan couldn’t bring herself to push him away.

Chi Yuanfeng’s breathing was shallow and quick as he said in exasperation, “You idiot!”

“You’re the idiot! WIthout me, you’d be dead by now!”

“Hmph! That was just barbaric, waving an ax around like that!”

The two went on squabbling like this. Su Xiaomo couldn’t help but smack her own forehead. “You two, that’s enough! You hopeless drama queens!”

Only then did the couple go quiet in embarrassment. Fang Shanshan then realized that something was wrong. She asked in a confused voice, “Where’s Xiaxia?”

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Chapter 887 - The Real Mysterious Caller (10)
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