Chapter 1 - Don't Try to Break Your Promise! (1)

Chapter 1: Don’t Try to Break Your Promise! (1)

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It was the end of summer and the sun was nice as a red BMW flew past, speeding along the road.

Inside the car, Qiao Mu’s scolding voice rang out.

“An Xiaxia, how old are you and you’re still chasing celebrities? Can you stop being a lovestruck fool? Hey, can you even hear what I’m telling you?”

“Hm… Wait a sec, I’m in the middle of a war! Let me finish fighting and then we’ll talk, haha,” a sweet soft-sounding voice replied.

Qiao Mu gave her a beautiful but scornful glance before she fiercely turned the steering wheel and parked her car on the side of the road. She then instructed, “I’m going to my company to do something. Be good and wait here for me, don’t randomly run off somewhere.”

An Xiaxia didn’t even raise her head but replied with “hm” several times and continued warring with some people on Weibo as she insulted and attacked the fans of the enemy, the idol group Starry Night.

Her slender fingers flew for a long time until she let out a breath as if she had been relieved of a heavy burden.

Hmph, if this was the so-called most popular idol group, why were their fans’ power level only at 5 1 ?

However, she was only happy for about two seconds when suddenly, the car shook dramatically and violently. Shock was written all over An Xiaxia’s small face while she watched with her own eyes as the car moved backwards.

In the rearview mirror, An Xiaxia practically wanted to cry at the scene but had no tears.

Qiao Mu was in any case her cousin whom she had had a love-hate relationship with for many years. She could still bear that her cousin loved to speed even when her driving skills were bad, but parking her car on a slope was taking it to another level!

Due to inertia, the car was slipping down the slope. An Xiaxia’s keen sight noticed that behind the car, there was a shiny Porsche…

Piak —

An Xiaxia could only watch in horror as the two cars crashed into each other.

In that instant, An Xiaxia felt that the world had become silent.

A few seconds later, she clumsily opened the car door and got out to figure out the situation.

By sheer luck, the car had only lightly grazed the bumper of the other car, leaving behind a small mark, while her older cousin’s car definitely hadn’t received any damage.

An Xiaxia sneaked a peek at the Porsche. The car’s glass windows were tinted black so she couldn’t see anything inside.

However, no one came out of the car, so An Xiaxia deduced that there was no one in it…

She quickly ran over and used her hand to rub the mark.

Ah? It couldn’t be rubbed off?

An Xiaxia looked around and saw that no one was in the vicinity, so she dared to lift her skirt to rub it.

However, it still couldn’t be rubbed off…

It’s over… It seemed that they would have to pay for damages.

After passing the money over, Qiao Mu probably wouldn’t treat her to barbeque today.

Once she thought of the sad life where she couldn’t eat any meat, An Xiaxia furiously scratched at the Porsche’s glass windows.

At that moment, the black window began to wind down and a low, cold voice sounded. “Miss, are you sure you’re not crazy?”

An Xiaxia froze. There was someone inside the car?!

She cast a sideways glance at the inside of the car and could see a young man sitting in the backseat. He was casually dressed all in black and was wearing a big pair of black sunglasses.

An Xiaxia felt awkward and said with a stutter, “I’m sorry for the inconvenience… But could you wait until my older cousin comes? She’ll discuss compensation with you.”

The young man laughed coldly. The arc of his thin lips was unexpectedly attractive as he said, “Eh? How do you plan to compensate me?”

An Xiaxia smiled in embarrassment. “It was only grazed a little… How does two hundred sound?!”

The young man stared expressionlessly at her.

An Xiaxia found his behavior baffling, so she asked, “Are you unhappy with something?”

“I’ve just confirmed my first impression of you. Miss, you really are crazy.”

An Xiaxia bit her lip and was unable to resist retorting, “You’re the one who’s crazy, your whole family is crazy! If compensation with money isn’t enough, then what more do you want? Is it possible that you even want me to pay you back in flesh 2 ?”

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Chapter 1 - Don't Try to Break Your Promise! (1)
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