Chapter 1548 - Little Fatty Caused Trouble V

Chapter 1548: Little Fatty Caused Trouble V

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Feng Lianyi wiped the blood from the corner of her lips. “I don’t care what you say, no matter what, it cannot affect the relationship similar to that of a grandfather and granddaughter that I have with the general. I am the only female relative in General Manor. This is sufficient to explain the problem you raised just now.”

The crowd was in an uproar.

There were all soldiers in the general’s mansion, and there was not even a single maid. Feng Lianyi as the only female family member, indeed showed how much importance the general attached to her.


Tian Ya did not take her in as a disciple because he wanted to raise her as his own granddaughter?

“Furthermore…” Feng Lianyi continued to approach the young prince as her tone was a little forceful. “The young prince should stop looking for that woman. The princess was originally a kind-hearted person, but now, she is doing such evil things. It is definitely because of the influence of that woman!”

Qi Qin’er had always been timid and fearful. Her character was somewhat weak, as well. However, hearing Feng Lianyi’s words, her small face turned red from anger as she stuttered and stammered. “You… you are talking nonsense. Feng… Elder Sister Feng is very kind. She is a good person, a very good person!”

Feng Lianyi sneered. “This is where this woman is amazing! She was able to bewitch bot of you, siblings, to such an extent. Even all the men under the sky are within her control. I never proactively provoked her, but she, again and again, refused to let me off! She is such a vengeful person, yet you say that she is a very good person?”


The little fatty once again launched an attack and directly struck Feng Lianyi on her head.

A trail of blood flowed from Feng Lianyi’s head. She directly looked at the little fatty, and the corner of her lips curled upward into a smug smile. Her body rumbled and crashed to the ground as she lay in a pool of blood.

The young man who was kneeling by Feng Lianyi’s side reacted as he immediately crawled back up and said urgently. “Quick, quick go, and report to General Manor. Maiden Feng has been beaten to death! His Highness bullied the citizens and beat Maiden Feng to death! Quickly report it to General Manor!”

Qi Qin’er’s face turned white as she stood trembling by the little fatty’s side. “Yue’er, what are we to do? Feng Lianyi is someone from General Manor. Imperial Father trusts General Manor a lot. If he finds out about this matter, he will definitely not let us off.”

Little fatty wiped the cold sweat off his forehead as he bit the bullet, saying, “I hit her. It is not related to you. Who would have thought that Feng Lianyi is so weak? Just a small beating and she is dead. However, she has brought it upon herself. She insulted Goddess Sister,” the young prince said.


“Don’t worry. I am still our imperial father’s son. No matter what, he will not beat me to death. At most, I will be grounded for half a year. Within this half a year, you go to the herb farm and work on my behalf. Don’t let Helian Yue do everything. Otherwise, I will no longer have a place in Goddess Sister’s heart anymore.”

Qi Qin’er was silent for some time before she responded, “Yue’er, I feel that Imperial Father might be extremely angry this time around. Last time, he did not allow you to leave Feng Luan Palace because you had attacked people from General Manor. But now…”

She bit her lip as she continued to speak, “Just say that it was me who has beaten her up. It is my first offense. Imperial Father would not punish me too badly.”

Qi Yue scanned Qi Qin’er from top to bottom, and he rubbed his chin lightly. “Unless Imperial Father’s brain is damaged, there is no way he would believe that it was you who had made a move.”


“Speak less nonsense. Imperial Father will not punish me. I have made so many mistakes since I was young. Imperial Father had never beaten me. What more now that I had only injured a mere Feng Lianyi?” The little fatty snorted and did not appear to be too worried. “The next time she insults Goddess Sister, I am still going to beat her since she does not dare to retaliate anyway!”

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Chapter 1548 - Little Fatty Caused Trouble V
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