Chapter 1547 - Little Fatty Caused Trouble IV

Chapter 1547: Little Fatty Caused Trouble IV

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However, no matter how well Feng Lianyi planned it, it didn’t matter. He, Qi Yue, had always been arrogant and domineering. Who was afraid of whom now?

“Your Highness…” Feng Lianyi sneered. “The people of this world may be afraid of you, but I, Feng Lianyi, am not. Even if I am not someone from General Manor and did not receive the protection of the general, as long as I see injustice, I will definitely not sit aside and ignore it!”

The young prince mocked. “Back then, who was it that had acted lowly and humble in front of me?”

“Your Highness has used the life of the general to threaten me and I naturally had no way to ignore it. To not create conflict between His Majesty and General Manor, it doesn’t matter if I, Feng Lianyi, have to swallow my anger. However, now I know that no matter how much I tolerate you, Your Highness would not let go of General Manor and every living being under the sky! Therefore, I am no longer willing to continue tolerating.”

She literally means that the reason she was acting humble and lowly before the young prince back then was for the sake of General Tian Ya and not because she was afraid of him.

Feng Lianyi held a sword as she walked toward the little fatty.

“Today, even if Your Highness would like to beat me, Feng Lianyi to death, I, Feng Lianyi am not willing to allow the young prince to continue to listen to the words of a witch and cause harm to the world!” she raised her head, giving off a dignified feeling.

The eyes of the little fatty were bloodshot. “Who did you say was a witch?”

“Naturally, it is the person who has bewitched the young prince.”


The young prince was greatly angered as he immediately took out a baton from his storage bag.

Yes, there was a baton in his storage bag.

He swung the baton fiercely, conjuring a gust of wind as it struck Feng Lianyi.

With Feng Lianyi’s cultivation, avoiding the young prince’s attack was practically something that needed merely a lift of her finger. However, not knowing why, she did not avoid it and had allowed the baton to land on her body with a painful muffled whack.

“Even if Your Highness were to beat me to death here, I must use my life to protect the citizens of this world!”


There were many people in Wu Shang City and these people simply looked on as Feng Lianyi used her life to protect the whole of Wu Shang City. They felt great gratitude toward her.

In comparison, His Highness, the young prince… was too arrogant and domineering.

This princess was no good either. She had similarly bullied the weak.

The pitiful Maiden Feng had fallen into the hands of these two people. She would definitely not have any good days to come…

“Yue’er.” Qi Qin’er looked at Qi Yue worriedly. She pursed her lips. She fell into deep thoughts.

When another smack landed on Feng Lianyi, she spat out a mouthful of blood, and her body swayed as she almost fell to the ground.

The young prince was so angered that he lost all sense of rationale. “You useless, despicable servant. Even someone like me without cultivation could hit you until you vomit blood, yet, you are still in General Manor. Tian Ya that old thing must be dim-eyed due to his old age to keep you around.”

The gaze Qi Qin’er used to look at Feng Lianyi turned into a daze.

Logically speaking, with Yue’er’s cultivation, it was impossible to beat Feng Lianyi to such an extent. Why did she…

“Qi Yue!!!” Feng Lianyi’s sword was stuck to the ground as she forcefully raised her head. Her gaze was bloodshot as it carried a rage within it. “I am willing to tolerate you time and again. Even if you beat me, I had not put up any resistance. However, I will not allow you to insult the general!”

The young prince sneered. “You speak as if you care about Tian Ya a lot. From what I see, Tian Ya does not seem to care much about you. Otherwise, why did he take Feng Lianqing as his disciple but not you?”

Though the young prince was still quiet young, there were many things that he was actually able to tell clearly.

Tian Ya had accepted Feng Lianqing but not Feng Lianyi as his disciple. This itself had clearly shown that there was something problematic.

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Chapter 1547 - Little Fatty Caused Trouble IV
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