Chapter 1546 - Little Fatty Caused Trouble III

Chapter 1546: Little Fatty Caused Trouble III

“Yue’er…” Qin’er was a little nervous. They had secretly snuck out of the palace. If her imperial father were to find out, he would definitely not forgive them.

Before Qi Yue managed to say a word, a young man’s arrogant laughter suddenly sounded from the side.

“So, it turns out that the people from the imperial family bully ordinary citizens like this! I, Fang Nan, have never been afraid of the imperial authority. Since I have not done anything wrong, then I would rather die than yield! Even if you beat me to death, I will not apologize! ”

The young man put his hand behind his back. He was tall and elegant like a bamboo.


A single word ‘good’ came from the crowd.

Everyone turned around to look at the speaker and saw a brave face.

The girl was dressed in white and riding atop a tiger. In her hand was a sword, and what looked like a slight smile hung at the corner of her lips.

“It is Maiden Feng, the General Manor’s Maiden Feng!”

“Maiden Feng’s medical skills are top-notch. Today, she is diagnosing people for free. That’s why many people from Wu Shang City are flowing into General Manor. I never thought that Maiden Feng would appear here.”

“Maiden Feng has never been fearful of strong authorities. She is incomparably valiant. Now that she is here, she can speak out and stand up for us ordinary citizens!”

“Hearsay, Maiden Feng has beaten up by the young prince. It was because Maiden Feng could not tolerate the young prince acting like such a bully and therefore rebuked him, provoking the ire and hatred of the young prince. However, Maiden Feng is someone who is protected by the heavens. Otherwise, the civil and military officials would not have stood on Maiden Feng’s side.”

“We, people of Wu Shang City, could not be clearer on how General Tian Ya is as a person. Maiden Feng is one of his people, so how could she be bad? Furthermore, General Tian Ya is very powerful. Now with Maiden Feng around, this Master Fang is safe.”


Those discussions made the hint of a smile in Feng Lianyi’s eyes deepen. However, her expression did not change as she got off the tiger’s back, and calmly walked toward the young prince.

“Greetings, Your Highness, the Prince.”

The young prince frowned as his fat face scrunched up. “It’s you again, this despicable servant!”

Feng Lianyi’s expression froze, and even her smile seemed forced. There was a surge of hatred in her eyes, but it very quickly disappeared.

“Young Prince, I heard that you and the princess are bullying the ordinary citizens just now and have; thus, purposely came over to take a look.”

Feng Lianyi stood straight as a smile slowly appeared on her face. “The prince used to being arrogant. If I had not come over, wouldn’t I be leaving these innocent people to your mercy?”

The little fatty was so angry his face turned red. He angrily pointed at Feng Lianyi. “Bullsh*t. It was him who had bullied Elder Imperial Sister first and intentionally wanted to push Elder Imperial Sister down!”

Feng Lianyi lowered her head as her gaze swept past that young man.

The young man felt his heart fluster and immediately knelt before Feng Lianyi as he put on a pitiful face. “Maiden Feng, I beg you to save me. Just now, the princess has pushed me a couple of times because I was blocking her path. Now the young prince, His Highness, is afraid that I will say things that are not beneficial to the princess’s reputation and want to beat me to death. I beg Maiden Feng to save me.”

The young prince stared at the young man for a while before raising his head to look at Feng Lianyi as he said through gritted teeth. “Feng Lianyi, you despicable servant. All these must be your doing!”

Although he was unable to cultivate, it did not mean that he was an idiot.

Feng Lianyi, this despicable servant, definitely knew about the news of him sneaking out and had purposely used the ‘free diagnosis’ offer to create the crowd flow. Then, she had probably sent this young man to deliberately push his elder imperial sister by using the crowd as an excuse. She had even purposely provoked him!

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Chapter 1546 - Little Fatty Caused Trouble III
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