Chapter 911 - Power of the Queen Mother Golden Crow

Chapter 911: Power of the Queen Mother Golden Crow

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Transforming into moonlight, Hua Xiyue was as soft as a wave. As he drifted in the middle of the sky, he saw the Halberd held in the hands of the Queen Mother Golden Crow from afar. Hua Xiyue’s heart and mind tensed.

“Master God weapon?” Hua Xiyue never expected that this Golden Crow would have a Master God weapon!

This Endless Eastern Sea was truly strange. One after another, Golden Crows kept emerging as if they never ceased to exist. And one was even more terrifying than the previous one.

This one before him had a Master God weapon!

With a cold sneer, Hua Xiyue thought inwardly, “Since you have a Master God weapon, did you think I wouldn’t?”

The meteoric light stopped and Hua Xiyue dropped a few thousand metres away. Shaking his shoulder, carried by the power of moonlight, the Ursae Majoris Sword plunged out of its sheath.

The Ursae Majoris Sword with countless permutations carried a ball of violent surging sword Qi. Like a bursting dazzling long rainbow, it pierced through and directly charged at the face of the Golden Crow.

Golden Crow gave a cold sneer, “Mantis trying to stop a chariot!”

She pricked the Halberd at random as four or five bursts of electric lights shot towards the Ursae Majoris Sword.

Amongst these four or five electric lights, there were green, purple, blue and brown. Amidst the strangeness, these colors were interwoven into a ball of electric light. Forming a round-bottomed wicker basket electric sphere, it manifested a bursting attack wave that rumbled forth.

Instantly, there was a wave of violent movement from the heavens and earth. The crack in the sky that was split open by these two bursts of power dispersed a piercing crackling sound.

The sound of mottled friction between the air streams was even more ear-piercing.

When countless lights rumbled together in the middle of the sky, it directly created a gigantic ball of light. Countless air streams and the colorful streams congealed into a gigantic light wave. It slowly ascended and dashed to the sky at a rapid speed.

Such power and influence even caused the Golden Crow to be dumbstruck.

“How did this happen?”

She was using a Master God Weapon. It did not turn that sword into crumbs? On the contrary, it was blocked by the airstream shot out by the sword. Since these two tigers met in a conflict on a narrow path, it seemed that neither one could outdo the other. They were currently in a stagnant situation, as the dazzling shock wave ascended to the sky.

This powerful shock wave paddled through the upper sky, yet the trace it formed appeared extremely miserable. Everything was completely messed up and full of disorder.

From afar, Hua Xiyue called with his hand to pull back the Ursae Majoris Sword. This attack from a moment ago formed a stagnant situation with the Golden Crow; however, he was not excited at all.

That sword move he did was a cheap trick. It was an attack borrowed from the power from its unsheathing. Although it did not give sufficient momentum, it did give domineering power.

However, the Golden Crow only paddled freely. Clearly, she was underestimating her enemy.

Yet when she used such an unequivocal attitude to resist and was still unable to take the upper hand, what did it mean? It proved this Golden Crow was indeed, much more powerful than him!

Strange lights flashed in the eyes of the Golden Crow. Suddenly, she emerged roaring laughter. “Ha ha ha, great! I see you didn’t make a move, but you are also using a Master God weapon! This is truly how a nap meets a pillow. Master God weapon, keep it for me!”

Rolling with the Halberd, the entire weapon immediately rolled into a poisonous dragon. In amidst the air stream that rolled out from the tip of the blade, countless electric snakes fluttered to plunge forward with bare fangs and brandish claws.

Urging her figure, the Golden Crow already pressed over.

The coverage of the Halberd attack was vast and indeed, terrifying.

A gigantic electric net that filled the sky rolled over directly with the temperament to sweep across the heavens and earth.

“Pretty boy, give me the Master God weapon, die!”

While the Golden Crow laughed nastily, her gigantic figure was already pressing forward. She waved the Halberd from all four directions to keep attracting the powerful electric wave. Each burst of the wave was like a gigantic dragon, that was extremely thick. She even plunged forward with a speed to travel for ten thousand miles while attacking.

Hua Xiyue was rather exceptional. Under such pressure, he wrapped the Ursae Majoris Sword on top of his head. Like a silver colored carp, he kept leaping.

Each time he jumped, he shot out his moonlight power. Like a mirror hanging high in the sky, the power shot in all directions. This shooting moonlight directly went to face those electric waves and knocked against them with a popping sound.

Despite grave efforts, he could block it.

The starry secret technique practiced by Hua Xiyue was called Moon Image Sword Play. It was a divine skill that sought extreme speed. When performing this Moon Image Sword Play, the lights of moonlight seemed to be a giant whirlpool on top of his head. As it kept encircling the area, it formed into a powerful defense cyclone and kept sweeping away those electric lights that rumbled over.

The Golden Crow was slightly surprised. Such a pretty boy, but he still maintained calm under such an attack. His actions caused the Golden Crow to feel incredibly astonished.

Emerging continuous shrieks, Golden Crow shouted coldly, “I want to see how much skills you have!”

Raising the Halberd high in the sky and piercing the blue dome of the heavens, Golden Crow kept chanting, “Black Heaven Yellow Earth, desolate universe. I request my master, to grant my desire. Put it out for me!”

Immediately, a ball of gigantic purple lights was attracted from the tip of the Halberd. It seemed as if a congealed starry cloud had emerged with dancing dragon and snake-like electric waves surrounding it.

Queen Mother Golden Crow laughed evilly. “Pretty boy, die!”

As soon as this starry cloud power was attracted, the expression of Hua Xiyue changed slightly. “Secret Star technique!”

Queen Mother Golden Crow let out a mad laugh. “Taste my starry cloud electric dance!”

She swung the Halberd and was about to make it expel.

Almost at the same time, the pupils of the Golden Crow shrunk violently. On her right side, suddenly a burst of white light shot to arrive, with the temperament to shatter the sky just like a piercing cloud divine arrow.

In between this white light, there were thirteen short blades. Emerging dazzling yet strange white lights, they shot at her limbs with accurate timing.

If the Queen Mother Golden Crow unleashed this move, the power would have definitely been at the level to swallow the heavens and earth. However, although the attack brought by this white light appeared small and exquisite, they contained astonishing power. If the Golden Crow were not to evade, her golden light protection would definitely get torn and her chest would be torn open.

“Darn it!” With a low growl, the Golden Crow swung her arms and shot forward along with momentum. She evaded the white light with astonishing horsepower.


With a low shout, the white light disappeared without a trace. As it transformed into a ball of smoky mist, it evaded through the sky with Hua Xiyue and disappeared among the boundless horizon.

This change of events came quickly. Before the Golden Crow reacted, she saw a ball of smoky mist off in the distance. They already disappeared without a trace.

Leaning onto the Halberd, color of fury flashed across her eyes. “Darn it, it’s too damned, he had a friend! Is that guy who launched a sneak attack against me that pretty boy’s friend? Did he also use a Master God weapon?”

Without warning, he didn’t even get to know the power of the other party.

Gritting her teeth, Queen Mother Golden Crow glared at the direction where Hua Xiyue disappeared to, yet a lump of suspicion lay across her heart.

“Clearly that pretty boy is a Heavenly Supreme Dao warrior! Indeed, there are elite warriors at the Heavenly Supreme Dao Stage within this Tian Xuan Land! Darn it!” Queen Mother Golden Crow verified her speculation and did not fear inwardly. “Clearly that pretty boy is lesser than me, and the one who gave the sneak attack will not be more powerful than me either. Or else, they would not have stayed in hiding, not daring to confront me! Could it be these two guys are the Controllers of the God Discarding Door?”

With Queen Mother Golden Crow’s fierce personality, she should have gone after them. Yet considering the problems behind the scenes, Queen Mother forcefully suppressed her temper and returned to the Rushing Current Valley base.

When Zhan Yue and Duan Shui saw the return of Queen Mother, they immediately went up to her.

“Queen Mother majesty, who was the person who appeared?”

With an indefinite expression on her face, Queen Mother Golden Crow said with a low voice, “They were elite warriors of the Heavenly Supreme Dao!”

Instantly, the expression on those two changed. “Elite warriors of the Heavenly Supreme Dao? Indeed they were both elite warriors of the Heavenly Supreme Dao!”

Queen Mother Golden Crow gave a sneer. “I caused them to flee.”

Zhan Yue and Duan Shui let out a sigh of relief.

“Your majesty, are the enemies powerful? Since they are able to escape from your hand, they must possess extraordinary power.” Zhan Yue probed to ask.

“They are almost on par with you, they seemed to be about on the Second Calamity of the Heavenly Supreme Dao Stage. However, if you meet them, you must not linger in battle, you must get away.”

“Why is that?” When those two heard that they were Second Calamity of the Heavenly Supreme Dao Stage, they felt much more at ease.

“One of them had a Master God weapon! For the other, I don’t know what weapon he is using, but it’s certainly a weapon in the Heavenly Supreme Dao level, but I am not sure whether it’s a Master God weapon or not.”

“A Master God weapon!” Zhan Yue and Duan Shui exchanged a glance. Both saw a trace of deep fear in their eyes. They came from the Weathering Land, a plane with Master God level elite warriors. They were well aware of how rare a Master God weapon can be.

It’s not rare for a well qualified Master God to have one or two pieces of Master God weapons. However, some Master Gods that just advanced would not even have one.

However, the Heavenly Supreme Dao elite warriors of this Tian Xuan Land have a Master God weapons?

“That’s not right.” Zhan Yue issued his suspicion. “Your majesty, if the Tian Xuan Land had a Master God weapon in the past, they should not have been in such an embarrassing state. No Master God weapons appeared after the immemorial war. What is going on?”

Queen Mother Golden Crow was also full of questions. “Certainly, there are some strange things going on within this Tian Xuan Land. We must investigate thoroughly where this Master God weapon came from. However, this is good, with the Master God weapons, it proves the reason for our two Master Gods setting their eyes on this Tian Xuan Land. If we can get the extra Master God weapon and offer it to the two Master Gods, we will gain greater merit!”

Zhan Yue and Duan Shui both smiled apologetically. Yet inwardly, they were deeply suspicious. Honestly, when facing an elite warrior at the Heavenly Supreme Dao Stage with a Master God weapon, they did not dare to be overly optimistic. Indeed, this Master God weapon was an extraordinary good. However, they will not be able to get it from the hands of a Heavenly Supreme Dao elite warrior.

To say it bluntly, if they carelessly met a Heavenly Supreme Dao elite warrior with a Master God weapon, they would have only one thing they could do, run away!

They were left without a choice but to run away!

“Your majesty, what should we do next?”

Queen Mother Golden Crow took a deep inhale and let out a word from the gap between her teeth, “Wait!”

It seems they could only wait for the God Discarding Door to end.

“Zhan Yue, didn’t you say we sent out six spies, and only three ran back? For the other three, let’s see how they do!”

“Yes, yes!”

Currently, the situation was yet to be clear. It seemed that it would only get more clear when the God Discarding Door event ended. If they were to gain something by saving their own Heavenly Supreme Dao elite warriors from the seal, the situation would become a great advantage to them.

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Chapter 911 - Power of the Queen Mother Golden Crow
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