Chapter 910 - A Battle between Heavenly Supreme Dao Rivals

Chapter 910: A Battle between Heavenly Supreme Dao Rivals

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After Queen Mother Golden Crow finished instructing them, the erupting flames rolled from her entire body. Then, she transformed into a burst of red meteoric lights and plunged towards the surface of the water.

Suddenly, Zhan Yue said boldly, “Your majesty, I must say something.”

Queen Mother Golden Crow said with a cold sneer, “Tell me when I come back.”

“Your majesty, it’d be too late when you come back. If you go, you will either declare war on all fronts. Please do not beat the grass to scare the snake. If you expose yourself, it’s the same as exposing all of us. We wouldn’t have a choice besides declaring war.”

The heart of the Queen Mother Golden Crow stopped as she felt these words made sense.

If she were to show the Master God weapon now, and if she killed her enemy, wouldn’t it be equivalent to having declared war? At this moment, without any preparation, once the war was declared, even if she could kill one Heavenly Supreme Dao elite warrior, most likely the gains would not make up for the losses. Not to mention, it’s still unpredictable whether she could kill a Heavenly Supreme Dao elite warrior absolutely.

After all, for tens and thousands of years, Queen Mother Golden Crow had never fought with anyone. During the battle, it’d be unlikely whether she could enter the zone to kill her enemy instantly.

However, if she did not go, they would have gone around the Endless Eastern Sea and come directly to the Rushing Current Valley. It’d definitely not be a good thing if their home base were to be exposed. Update by vip novel

After much consideration, Queen Mother gritted her teeth and said ferociously, “It would pose greater trouble if I let them come to the Rushing Current Valley. It’s better to kill them quietly at the midpoint, kill them without knowing how!”

“Queen Mother majesty!”

Although Zhan Yue and Duan Shui still wanted to advise her, Queen Mother Golden Crow already disappeared without a trace.

On the other hand, Hua Xiyue and Chi Hengyu tracked the three targets along the way. Without them knowing, they arrived within the Endless Eastern Sea.

“Fifth, among these three guys, two came from the Southern Border and one is from the Eastern Sea. Why did the three of them head to the Eastern Sea at the same time?” Chi Hengyu questioned with a laugh.

Although Hua Xiyue had a cold personality, it’s not like he did not possess the slightest analytic ability. “In this case, Senior Brother did not take them out without a reason.”

“Yes, if they do have an organization behind them, I estimate the base point is at that Endless Eastern Sea. Now the only question is whether their supporting boss is as simple as the Golden Crow. It’d be easy if it were Golden Crow. If not, then the problem becomes more complicated.”

Hua Xiyue said with a cold tone, “Sixth, let’s follow these three and see where they go. In the worst case, we can see what’s going on at the Rushing Current Valley of the Endless Eastern Sea and see what evil deeds go on at the old den of that Golden Crow. We may find out how the Golden Crow was revived.”

Chi Hengyu immediately said, “Fifth brother, we better not. Senior Brother instructed us to not beat the grass to scare the snake. If we recklessly head to the Rushing Current Valley, I am afraid we will ruin the great plan.”

“What great plan are we going to ruin?” Hua Xiyue twisted his brow. “Sixth, are you scared?”

Chi Hengyu was always a good person. Although Hua Xiyue’s question was asked in a blunt manner, he was not provoked. Instead, he said with patience, “Fifth brother, for tens and thousands of years, the seven of us always stood with one another, do you think I am someone to be scared?”

Hua Xiyue also felt his words went over the boundary as he said, “Sixth, I feel we cannot keep being passive, we should initiate the attack.”

“Fifth, Senior Brother…” Before Chi Hengyu finished speaking his sentence, he immediately stopped as his expression changed slightly. “Fifth, do you feel that?”

At the same time, Hua Xiyue also frowned slightly. Clearly, he also perceived a trace of abnormality.

These two were both elite warriors at the Second Calamity of the Heavenly Supreme Dao Stage. Within the Tian Xuan Land, they could perceive movements thousands of miles away.

“Such a powerful pressure…” A trace of surprise slid across Chi Hengyu’s pale and handsome face. “Fifth, this… is clearly the pressure from a Heavenly Supreme Dao warrior.”

Hua Xiyue nodded slowly and a trace of joyful smile spilled from the corner of his mouth. “Isn’t it good to be at the Heavenly Supreme Dao? We have been holding back for tens and thousands of years. These lowly scumbags from the foreign tribes infiltrated us at such depth, I’m glad they are willing to come out. Sixth, go set up the formation, I will meet this elite warrior.”

After a moment of thinking, Chi Hengyu nodded. “Fifth, you must be careful, this enemy is coming from the Rushing Current Valley. Although he’s thousands of miles away, he’s extremely powerful. Don’t be reckless.”

With a cold sneer, a confident smile appeared on Hua Xiyue’s face. “Sixth, don’t worry. Since the two of us are here, with each of us in the clear and in the dark, regardless of the enemy’s power, he will not gain any advantage.”

This confidence originated from his domineering power and also from the Master God weapon he received recently. Although he had yet to refine much of the weapon’s power, with the weapon in his hand, it would definitely be a great assistant in such a crucial moment.

Chi Hengyu nodded. “Fifth, don’t underestimate the enemy.”

All Heavenly Mysterious Seven Disciples had their regulations when they did business. In such a situation, the two of them being revealed would not be as effective as having one stay in the dark and one in the open.

When Chi Hengyu became invisible with his great divine skill to observe the enemy situation in the dark, he would have the element of surprise.

Accompanied with the Ursae Majoris Sword, Hua Xiyue pressed forward by transforming into a long rainbow. He galloped quickly towards the east. This Ursae Majoris Sword was the Master God weapon bestowed by Junior Brother Qin Wushuang. It’s completely compatible with his training style.

The Master God weapons gained by the Heavenly Mysterious Seven Disciples had one advantage over others: they were highly compatible with each other. It’s much easier for him to refine his weapon than others.

For the seven Master God weapons Li Xuanfeng bestowed to them, he had refined all of them. The Heavenly Mysterious Seven Disciples were cultivated by Li Xuanfeng’s divine power. Therefore, their divine skill came from the same line through the power that refined these Master God weapons.

Since they came from the same inheritance, naturally the difficulty to integrate with the weapons was one hundred times easier than a foreign Master God weapon. Therefore, despite having received it recently, once they got them, they could perform with twenty to thirty percent of their power. With time, they could unleash fifty percent of the power and more. Of course, to unleash one hundred percent of their power, it would be impossible until they reached the Master God level.

Fortunately, they were always in bitter training for all of these years. Despite the rules on the Tian Xuan Land and the sealed Soaring of Galaxia Barrier, they were incapable of achieving a breakthrough, but the foundation they accumulated in their body did not get lost. When the Soaring of Galaxia Barrier breaks, or when they leave the Tian Xuan Land, certainly they would achieve some form of breakthrough. They might breakthrough their own stage and advance a whole level. It’d all be highly possible.

Suddenly, Hua Xiyue’s handsome face stopped. He shot over to the east with serene eyes. A ball of dashing flame burned the entire horizon and pressed towards him.

This temperament seemed as if a giant hole was opened from the sky and fire rained down. The gigantic temperament made it seem as if ten thousand foot waves surged towards him.


The three martial artists who were escaping at high speed let out a burst of miserable cries unanimously. Next, three figures exploded altogether and dispersed into balls of shattering flame lights. Without leaving a single trace of their bodies, the crumbs dropped onto the surface of the water.

Hua Xiyue’s pupils shrunk slightly as he said with a cold tone, “What damned wretch is there?”

The two words “damned wretch” were the two most taboo words the Golden Crow race was afraid of. Upon hearing the two words “damned wretch,” the anger of the Queen Mother Golden Crow shot to its peak.

Ten thousand foot flames appeared much more domineering than a towering mountain. Wherever this ball of flame went, the water of the eastern sea followed to flare up.

The splashing and flaring drops of water could also climb a thousand metres high. Like devastating rain dragons, they kept shooting through the air.

When Hua Xiyue saw such a scene, he was also greatly surprised.

“Which kid has come, state your name!” Queen Mother Golden Crow asked with her piercing voice.

“You inhuman damned wretch dare to ask for my name? You are just a surviving bastard of the Golden Crow race, I came here to take your bird head.”

In addition to his fierce sword style, Hua Xiyue also had a foul mouth.

Yet the Golden Crow was an elite warrior with a narrow mind and could not bear to listen to these words at all. As soon as she heard these mocking and bitter words, each of her feathers stood up.

“Immature and inexperienced kid, such an arrogant tone!”

With a cold sneer, Hua Xiyue said proudly, “That disturbing Golden Crow who went to the God Discarding Door is your friend right? He was also arrogant when he arrived. What was his result? Nothing was left.”

As soon as Queen Mother Golden Crow heard these words, instantly astonishing austere murderous intentions shot out from her pair of fierce eyes. Letting out a long shriek, she said with endless sadness, “Good good good, so my child was killed by you? Then bring me your life!”

Flicking both wings, she transformed into two golden and dazzling arms. With a sway, a human head was transformed. Still, she had that eagle-like nose, sinister eyes, and shooting golden lights all over her body.

When those arms shook, the golden light surrounding her body transformed into tens and thousands of golden needles. Like flying swords filling the sky, they came towards him in a dense formation, along with a powerful Heavenly Supreme Dao presence.

This position was much more fierce than a violent storm. It seemed as if the heavens and earth were going to be destroyed by these ten thousand flying sword-like golden needles.

As soon as an elite warrior lashed out a move, one would know their skill.

Before Hua Xiyue had yet to see this Queen Mother Golden Crow, he was already somewhat vigilant. After he met her, he was more astonished by the domineering power of this Golden Crow. When that unrestrained pressure exploded, the volcanic surging power even made him feel that he was somewhat inferior.

Upon seeing such a fierce attack, how could Hua Xiyue dare to neglect? Putting away the lights from his entire body, like the light from the moon, he transformed into a gentle wave. Floating and drifting, he merged into the sky whereas his sharpness did not go away.

When Queen Mother Golden Crow saw Hua Xiyue evade this full powered attack, a burst of continuous eerie laugh emerged. “Such a good looking face, indeed you are at the Heavenly Supreme Dao level! You were in deep hiding…”

In between the sinister laughter, Queen Mother Golden Crow snatched a gigantic Halberd in between both hands. Surrounding the Halberd, there bursts of exploding purple dragon lightning lights shot out, intertwined in a breathtaking manner.

This Halberd carried thunder and electric attributes naturally. These were powerful attributes outside the fundamental five attributes. The attack of this thunder attributed Halberd would amaze the world with a single brilliant feat!

Since ancient times, the power of thunder and lightning were the power of the heavens. Power from the heavens was unpredictable and the power of electric thunder was even more difficult to speculate!

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Chapter 910 - A Battle between Heavenly Supreme Dao Rivals
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