Chapter 432 - So Unlucky that the Earth and Heavens Have Cha

Chapter 432: So Unlucky that the Earth and Heavens Have Changed their Colors, the Sun and Moon Have Lost their Shine

“Elder Brother!” Ling Chuxi was quick witted and shouted toward the back of Ye Qianhe with delight.

Ye Qianhe was terrified by Ling Chuxi’s shout till his soul and body were scattered. He felt a realistic explosion on his scalp and was ready to escape. He subconsciously turned his head to take a look, yet there was not even a shadow of a ghost.

“You despicable person. You still dare to make a fool out of me? Let me see you beg for your life!” Ye Qianhe regained his senses and realized that he had been fooled. He was so furious that his face turned green and he swooped toward Ling Chuxi.

Ling Chuxi of course had already long taken to her heels to dodge him at that exact moment when he turned his head away. Was she going to wait for death if she did not get out of his way?

Ling Chuxi shouted while running. “Hey. Don’t be so unfriendly. Don’t you think that we are really destined? Wherever we go, we will meet each other. If this is not destiny, then what is?”

“I will definitely chop you dead today!” Ye Qianhe was so furious that smoke was coming out from his seven orifices. ‘Destiny, destiny my a*s! I will definitely catch this little brat!’

“You are too unfriendly. Too unfriendly.” Ling Chuxi quickened her steps to run, but her mouth was still condemning Ye Qianhe for his unfriendliness.

“Ah…!” She had just run a few steps when Ling Chuxi heard a scream from behind.

Ling Chuxi subconsciously turned her head to look and all she saw was Ye Qianhe flying away like a kite with a broken string. He then fell heavily to the ground with his hands and feet pointed to the sky. When he got up, half of his face was swelled up.

Ye Qianhe covered his face with one hand. His eyes were shocked and lifeless, and at the same time somewhat innocent. He was practically already dumb.

Ling Chuxi looked at all this with her eyes popped and mouth agape. Ye Qianhe was sent flying away again by a slap! No, he was sent flying away again and again! This was the third time! Was this the strike by the ‘local rich man’? That’s right. It was him. It was the ‘local rich man’!

Ling Chuxi turned her head mechanically. She saw that the old man who had eaten a free meal was slowly retracting his palm. He looked at Ye Qianhe with contempt and said in a deep voice, “If I come to know of your evil ways in my Nan Xia again, I will absolutely not let you off lightly.”

“You are… you are…” Ye Qianhe was shocked to the point where he could not even speak a word as he looked at the old man.

“Get lost!” The old man shouted angrily. That aura of his was really so majestic that it could swallow mountains and rivers. It could really fight with that terrifying aura while he was eating! Absolutely! It was very clear!

Ye Qianhe was so shocked that his face paled and he ran away while rolling and crawling. His heart was shocked and his tears had become a river. ‘What luck is this? Is Ling Chuxi really his nemesis? Or is her luck unbelievably good? There is an expert to her rescue every time. I will definitely take a good look at the calendar the next time I come look for her again. Definitely!’ Just like this, tears silently flowed in Ye Qianhe’s heart as he escaped far away.

Looking at Ye Qianhe’s appearance, Ling Chuxi finally could not resist laughing out loud. ‘What kind of luck did that Ye Qianhe have!’ Every time when she was chased helter-skelter, there would always be an expert who showed up and sent him flying away with a slap. This time was the worst. His face was already swollen, and who knew how many teeth were left of the rotten teeth in his mouth. This was really funny. Even Ling Chuxi wanted to roll on the ground laughing. ‘Ye Qianhe. You are really so unlucky that the heavens and skies have changed their colors, and the sun and moon have lost their shine. Ha ha ha ha ha…’

Ling Chuxi was shocked and fascinated at the same time as she looked at the old man. Expert, this was an expert! Or should she say that experts did not reveal their appearances? She had not even figured out in the slightest that he had such strong cultivation. ‘Why were you still eating a free meal when you have such strong cultivation? Oh right. Eating a free meal without any cultivation was truly seeking death. (This was a god-like logic).’

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Chapter 432 - So Unlucky that the Earth and Heavens Have Cha
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