Chapter 1461 - The Evidence Trail Ends

Chapter 1461: The Evidence Trail Ends

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Zhang Zian is, after all, not a biology student. The relationship between dogs, coyotes, dog food, and people is tangled together like a mess, but there is one most critical gap, so the entire sage doesn’t make sense to him.

“π, if you have some free time, can you help me find out, what exactly is making San Francisco’s coyotes go crazy?”

When he saw that π was awake, he asked it for its help.

If it’s not to the point where he really can’t figure it out, he doesn’t want to bother π. It is very tiring to sit and type in front of the computer every day. When one has some time, they should be more active and play with everyone instead of opening the unknown book and inquire about the secrets of the world. Besides, he had just made it check the details of the old landlord.

If for every major event or small incident that happens, he consults the nameless book to find the cause, it will greatly increase its burden and increase its inertia. Just look at the streets. Homeless men who have complete hands and feet but are simply waiting for death. They are used to filling their stomach without hard work, and will slowly become a wasted person.

Using your brain is a good thing, and it should be used more often.

If there is more time, he is willing to think more about it, but the problem is that the situation is quite serious now. The key is that the public still knows nothing about it. If things continue on like this, China will face more trouble than the United States.


Π nodded without hesitation, took a chair, and opened the unknown book. It then proceeded to flip through the pages.

Generally speaking, this process will last for a long time. There are hundreds of coyotes in San Francisco, and not all of them are aggressive, perhaps even at varying degrees. This makes it difficult for π to define what is “crazy” and why they behave in that manner.

However, Zhang Zian merely turned around a little, and π stopped turning the pages.


“What happened?”

It is impossible to find the reason so quickly, so π must have found another problem.

Π started the hibernating computer, and typed a line in the document: it involves other elves, and cannot be queried.


Zhang Zi reassured himself. He seemed to have seen this reason before, and it appeared in the cat abuse incident and prevented π from finding the whereabouts of the cat god statue through the unknown book. Now, it is here again.

Which elf is involved this time?

He can’t guess, and there is no way he can guess.

The last clue he had to cheat was also ruthlessly cut off.

“I am now hungry,” Fina said indifferently.

Four simple words, like a fast knife, momentarily slice off all the mess.

The sky is big, and the importance of a meal is equally great.

No matter how big the dog food incident is, it is imperative to fill one’s belly first.

Egypt and Germany have their own special local delicacies, but what about America? The United States is often derided as a young country with only a history of just about 200 years. Many claim this is no history at all, and of course, correspondingly, there is no traditional cuisine. However, the United States is an immigrant country, and its food is a hodgepodge. Immigrants from all over the world come here to cook their own hometown food out of their homesickness. Over time, magically modified food from various countries can be found here.Read more chapter on

What’s special in San Francisco is the mobile dining car on the street, which is almost the same as China’s early stall, but it looks taller and bigger and maybe more hygienic.

The mobile dining car is a special kind of truck. It can open a wide window on the side, and the body of the car is painted with bright and eye-catching spray paint. After driving to the destination, pushing the window open is equivalent to the signal of its opening for business. Fried chicken, pizza, pasta, and attractive ice cream, almost all the junk food you can imagine can be found here … but they are not delicious.

Zhang Zian went out to buy breakfast. Famous also wanted to follow in order to prevent another coyote from attacking, but the sun has already risen, and the streets are gradually becoming lively. It is unlikely that there will be another coyote.

After half an hour or so, he returned with two bags of fast food in his hand—when he went there, he went on foot. However, when he came back, he drove a rented car and filled it with gas.

Upon smelling the smell of food, the elves with empty stomachs can’t wait any longer. Snowy Lionet did not wait for him to put the plastic bag on the table, and anxiously wanted to tear the plastic bag with its claws.

“Quack! Such a strong curry flavor, which Indian brother did you this idiot hook up with again?” Richard turned off the TV and came over to join in the fun.

Zhang Zian was unclear as to what special foods the colorful dining cars sell, so he simply bought one or two of each item. He also bought himself an ice cream cone, because he had the feeling that the elves would pick all the meat in the food, leaving him with a lot of lettuce leaves and crusts. At least, they would not eat ice cream.

Fina chose a lobster sandwich. Two pieces of bread were sandwiched together with overflowing large pieces of lobster meat. It was supplemented with natural butter. With a bite, the full-bodied protein taste covered its mouth. It was a very healthy meal.

Snowy Lionet chose a burger that looked like it probably does not sell well, and in Richard’s words, it was like “hamburger **.” However, that was the signature food of the famous Me So Hungry dining car-The Monster Burger. The burger is generously sandwiched with several thick layers of ingredients. The main feature is the combination of the Angus beef patties and bacon. It is coated with full-fat cheese and served with Asian barbecue sauce. Eating one can meet the energy requirements of an entire morning. Snowy Lionet, expectedly, picked out the lettuce and tomatoes and threw them out.

Another thing that puzzled Zhang Zian is, does this dining car brand name conform to English grammar? If it was in Chinese, might it be ridiculed? It seems that Americans are also blind from G8 when naming their companies …

Old Time Tea chose crepes with steak filling, while Famous picked up some burritos.

“Quack! Have you this idiot forgot something?” Richard looked here and then looked over there, look over that. All that is left is ice cream and ancient-baked pizza, which is obviously not what it can eat.

“Who do you think the lettuce and tomato slices are left for?” Zhang Zian pointed to the vegetables picked out by Snowy Lion.

Richard screamed indignantly, “You little prick with no conscience, would it kill you to order for me a vegetable and fruit salad? I wish you get a very big boyfriend and who will feed you large hot dogs every day!”

Zhang Zian: “… It seems you don’t even want to eat lettuce leaves.”

“A man with such a small temperament … no wonder he can’t find his girlfriend.” Richard was really afraid he would throw away all the vegetables, and quickly picked up the lettuce and tomatoes and flew away. This is because it didn’t eat much on the plane yesterday. He stole a few leaves while he was eating an airplane meal, but he got up this morning and hasn’t ** till now.

Except for Richard, who only ate till it was half full, the other elves ate till they were full.

Since they had come to San Francisco, they have to go out and play no matter what. Especially since he is traveling at his own expense, to not do so means wasting the trip. Something he certainly was not looking forward to.

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Chapter 1461 - The Evidence Trail Ends
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