Chapter 250 - Aren't You Afraid of Being Barred from Taking

Chapter 250: Aren’t You Afraid of Being Barred from Taking the Examinations for the Next Three Years?

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The teacher was silent for a few seconds. After verifying Gu Mang’s identity, she was too lazy to look at the answer section and she just let the girl leave. Everyone was still struggling with the difficult questions. They watched as a certain underachiever left the exam venue early.

Yi Chen scoffed and continued writing. After the exams, the answers were uploaded online. It made a lot of students want to kill themselves. Indeed, it was a national exam. The level of difficulty could send people into great despair.

Meng Jinyang returned from the exam venue at Experimental High School. From afar, she saw Gu Mang at the cafeteria entrance. She walked rather quickly. “Gu Mang, how did you do?”

The girl pushed her cap a little and revealed her beautiful eyes. In a calm voice, she answered, “Pretty okay.”

Shen Huan raised her brows. “Jinyang, don’t worry. I told Sister Mang to pick C for all the multiple-choice questions. She got 4 right.”

The corner of Meng Jinyang’s lips twitched. She did not speak.

At night, everyone’s group chat was filled with Gu Yin and Yi Chen’s predicted scores for the two exams. The two of them scored about 130 for the Language paper.

Gu Yin’s math score was 134. Yi Chen’s math score was 140. The gap between the two wasn’t much. There were still two more papers to go the next day. Someone asked for Meng Jinyang and Qin Yaozhi’s results and they did not conceal them. They said it in the group chat.

Their Language marks were about the same as Yi Chen and Gu Yin’s. Qin Yaozhi scored 130 for math. Meng Jinyang scored 132. Yi Chen was better than them at General Science. Everyone roughly knew who was going to be the top performer.

The next day, they were tested on General Science and English.

Shen Huan wrote a lot of formulas for Gu Mang. She looked like she was determined to save Gu Mang from failing all her subjects. “Sister Mang, this is a physics formula. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to do the questions. Just write all the formulas down and you will definitely get some marks! Sister Mang, take this as well and take a look before the exam. It will make sure that you get twice the result with half the effort! Come on!”

She handed the piece of paper to Gu Mang’s seriously and turned around to head towards her exam hall. Gu Mang looked at the neat pieces of paper on her palm. The mechanical energy, magnetic field, and electric field force formulas were classified clearly. She even specified the type of formula to write for the different kinds of questions.

Gu Mang tsked but still put the piece of paper in her pocket. Then, she walked towards the Year Two Block casually. When she was in the exam hall, Gu Mang accidentally dropped the pieces of paper on the floor while she was reaching in her pocket for her identification card.

When Yi Chen entered the exam hall, he saw the papers and he looked down to read the content. He scoffed. “Intending to cheat? How daring of you to try and cheat on an exam like this. Aren’t you afraid of being barred from examinations for three years?”

Lu Yi, who was sitting in the section beside them, heard that and turned around. He saw the formulas and laughed as well. “Cheat with these? Yi Chen, have your senses been knocked out?”

No one knew about the fight but Lu Yi knew about it.

With the formulas on the paper, even someone with good luck would only be able to get a maximum of ten marks. To someone like Gu Mang that was barely sufficient. Was this even necessary? Seems like he had really lost his mind.

Hearing that, Yi Chen’s face became serious “It’s none of your business so don’t poke your nose into mine.”

Lu Yi stood and picked up the paper. Then, he looked at Gu Mang. “You should have seen these, I will put them on the podium before some people use this against you and tarnish your reputation.”

Gu Mang nodded. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Lu Yi walked to the podium and put them down. Then, he went back to his seat.

Yi Chen looked at Gu Mang in a way that made it seem like he was smiling. “I heard that you told your form teacher that regardless if I was present, the top student won’t be from our school?”

Gu Mang did not even lift her eyelids. Yi Chen laughed and looked away.

When the students matched their answers online after the General Science exam there was another round of sad howling. The last subject, English, was in the afternoon.

Gu Mang got up to submit her paper during the last thirty minutes of the exam. Just when she had left the building, her phone rang.

It was Lu Chengzhou.

Gu Mang raised her beautiful eyes. He knows me so well, his timing is so on point.

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Chapter 250 - Aren't You Afraid of Being Barred from Taking
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