Chapter 610 - Damn, Control Yourself!

Chapter 610: Damn, Control Yourself!

At this point, Bai Yuan had no choice.

He looked at Mu Xichen angrily and said, “What are you thinking!”

Mu Xichen’s expression did not change. He looked at Li Beinian’s back view and said lightly, “Thirty seconds.”

Startled, Bai Yuan followed his gaze.

Sure enough, Li Beinian was caving. At exactly thirty seconds, she fell to the ground.

Surprised, Bai Yuan turned around and looked at Mu Xichen strangely. “Are you guys in kahoot?”

Mu Xichen did not answer and walked towards Li Beinian.

His footsteps were steady and calm.

Bai Yuan was speechless. Freaking hell!

Everyone gasped and reached out to support Li Beinian.

Liu Wei came running back. Wang Shao shouted, “Beinian fainted!”

“She didn’t faint, she just fell!”

“Is it serious?”

“Send her to the infirmary!”

At this point, a deep voice was heard. “Out of the way.”

Everyone looked up and saw Mu Xichen, who was obviously not one of them – the bright and glorious Mu Xichen.

Ma Zheng was indignant and said, “It’s so wrong to be bullying a girl!”

“Exactly. Beinian has never been absent from work. She also persevered to the end in every training session. It’s disgraceful that you target her the moment you arrived!”

“Exactly. Even if you have a grudge, don’t play around like this. Who can take this?”

Li Beinian sat on the ground and looked at Mu Xichen’s silhouette against the light. She was infuriated.

She pretended to get up, but Mu Xichen had already taken a step forward, scooping her up in his arms.

At once, a silence fell over the group.

Wang Shao stared blankly and said, “Leader Mu…”

Gasps could be heard. Li Beinian played dead and fell slump in the man’s arms and squeezed her eyes shut.

“I’ll send her to the infirmary. You guys continue.”

As soon as Mu Xichen finished speaking, he walked away, carrying the person in his arms.

Many people were looking at their back view, and there was a sudden uproar.

“Could it be true?” Wang Shao said in disbelief. “Chief Mu has a crush on her?”

“Rubbish,” Liu Wei said. “Maybe he just feels bad. Why are you thinking so much? Keep running!”

“I don’t think so.” Guan Yueyun added, “I don’t think Beinian likes him either.”

“Yeah, I think so too.”

“Alright already, let’s continue!”

Mu Xichen brought her to a shady spot and said quietly, “The coast is clear.”

Li Beinian snorted and snuggled deeper into his arms. “I’m sore.”

“Where are you sore?” Mu Xichen walked into a random room and placed her on the chair.

Li Beinian got comfortable and said, “Everywhere.”

Mu Xichen wiped off his sweat and said, “Change your clothes first, don’t catch a cold.”

“I don’t want to move. I’m exhausted.” Li Beinian reached out to him with a pitiful expression. “I just did push-ups and my arms are about to break.”

Mu Xichen looked at her arms, which had grown obviously thicker in the last few days. He grabbed them and started to massage her soft flesh.

“Mm… comfortable…” Li Beinian narrowed her eyes and didn’t hide her moan.” Up a little. ”

Mu Xichen tightened his grip. Li Beinian immediately frowned and said, “Gently, yes… there, use more force…”

As he massaged her arms, Mu Xichen’s hand reached into her jacket and grabbed that soft mound.

“Ah…” Caught off guard, Li Beinian exclaimed aloud.

Mu Xichen’s breathing became shallower. His fingers undid her buttons and he slipped his arm around her waist, drawing her lips towards his in a kiss.

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Chapter 610 - Damn, Control Yourself!
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