Chapter 1082 - Little Model

Chapter 1082: Little Model

Xia Ling really hid from Pei Ziheng.

For a few days, she never stepped out of Xia Yu’s guest room. For her meals, she resorted to room service to avoid any chance of meeting Pei Ziheng. When she really could not tolerate the boredom, she would wait till he was out for work to sneak out for a walk. She even went so far as to plan her routes in the opposite direction of his.

Pei Ziheng became frustrated at not seeing her.

He did not actively look for her, but he was upset about it. His subordinates were engulfed in the depressing environment because of his emotions. They were very cautious of their actions, afraid that they would annoy their Big Boss accidentally.

Only Chu Chen could roughly guess why he was so unhappy.

That night, he was ordered to look after Xia Ling. She was only covered with a towel. Her hair still dripping with water and her body was filled with bruises. Chu Chen was already an adult and had been to brothels before. Her scarred body, coupled with the setting of the hotel and the fact that they were overseas was enough for one to associate her to “it”.

First time? Seemed like it wasn’t so smooth going.

Chu Chen was surprised that his boss would screw up so badly. However, he also understood how confident his boss was on his prey—for the past few years, he had already realized there was something different with the way his boss looked at Xia Ling. It wasn’t like a big brother looking at his sister. It was more of a predator staring down at its prey, God looking at his creation, or men lusting at women.

Something was bound to go wrong.

Chu Chen felt that it was a pity. A beautiful girl like Xia Ling wasn’t going to be able to escape the lusting eyes of men if she did not have a strong family background to protect her.

She seemed to still be oblivious to this.

He knew not to meddle in this matter and kept his mouth shut. Every day, he did his duties as ordered and reported Xia Ling’s schedule and whereabouts to Pei Ziheng. “Today, she went to the shopping district and picked two dresses. Her mood was not good and she came back very early. She is still not staying in the room beside yours. The front desk said that she was discussing with Xiao Yu about switching rooms.”

Pei Ziheng sat on the back seat of his Rolls Royce. He closed his eyes to rest while listening to Chu Chen’s report.

His mood was terrible. As he listened to the report, he bit his lips and let out an angry humph.

“Yes, Boss?” Chu Chen asked.

“Inform the front desk, do not let them switch rooms,” said Pei Ziheng.


“Make sure she returns to the room tonight. If she doesn’t like it, then tell her to stay in my room.”

Chu Chen looked down and answered, “Yes, Boss.”

Pei Ziheng closed his eyes again. It was silent in the Rolls Royce and the smooth driving calmed his emotions. He recalled that night, the mystical mermaid under the silvery moonlight. Or you could call it the witch that stole his soul away.

He never knew that a girl could reach such a level of beauty.

He wanted her. These thoughts caused his body to heat up.

“Stop the car.” Without any warning, he ordered.

The car stopped by the roadside. Chu Chen looked at him quizzingly and asked, “Boss?”

Pei Ziheng frowned. The self-control that he had been so proud of had now completely crumbled. Since he was young, he had been taught to not indulge in alcohol and women. All these years, he was able to keep himself from them and put most of his time and energy into work, allowing him to build his empire.

But what was with him these few days?

Every time he thought of her, he felt distracted. The scene in the bathroom could not escape his mind. It was making him aroused like a teenage boy.

Even though he controlled his urges, he still had his fair share of girls. This didn’t feel right.

He frowned and looked at the endless stream of people outside. It was an autumn afternoon on the streets of Paris. A few pretty girls walked by and some smiled at his Rolls Royce.

However, none of them could match up to his Xiao Ling.

Chu Chen misunderstood his intentions. He saw Pei Ziheng looking at the pretty girls outside and thought that he was interested. He said, “Jason has gotten a few new models. They have just entered the industry and are very ‘clean’. He just told me that he wanted to organize a party for you but didn’t know your taste. Boss, since our business with him is already at the final stage, why not show him some face?”

Pei Ziheng looked at him and said, “Aren’t you thoughtful.”

His acute senses told him that Pei Ziheng was not scolding him, so he grew bolder. “There are two Asians, and a few are of mixed heritage. Jason’s models know the rules, they won’t add trouble for you.”

He was familiar with Pei Ziheng’s temperament after serving him all these years.

Pei Ziheng never touched girls that he had monetary interest with, such as actresses from the company or those white-collar workers who wanted to marry into powerful families, or those daughters of the powerful families. He did not like these troublesome relationships. He only wanted short-term transactions.

Given his principles, Chu Chen was surprised by this incident—

Because Xia Ling was an exception.

“We’ll go to Jason’s tonight,” Pei Ziheng said and slumped onto the backseat.

Jason’s girls did not disappoint. They were all top class and were taught very well. They asked the right questions and avoided offending them. Pei Ziheng randomly picked a girl. She was Asian and had long curly hair with sexy lips and a very mature body.

“I see, Chairman Pei likes this type,” Jason said with his arms around two other girls, laughing. “You made a good choice.”

Pei Ziheng brought the girl back to his hotel. As he cuddled her, he was still thinking of that witch under the moonlight. After a long session, the girl pleaded for mercy and fell asleep from the tiredness. Pei Ziheng stood up and lit a stick of cigarette, then coughed heavily as he choked on the smoke.

It still didn’t feel right.

Perhaps he should find one like her, small and petite like a budding rose.

He did not dare to continue his thoughts. He had already ejaculated many times but was getting shivers from the urges again. He wanted to break open the door to her room, bring her over and punish her…

Did he have… a weird fetish…?

Pei Ziheng was frightened by his own thoughts and extinguished the cigarette.

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Chapter 1082 - Little Model
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