Privacy Policy

Respect for the privacy of the user's personal information is a consistent system of Wuxiaworld, Wuxiaworld without the user's consent, except for legal or legal requirements or government consent. The user's personal information is not disclosed or disclosed to third parties other than the partner. However, the user chooses or agrees at the time of registration, or the user and Wuxiaworld and the cooperation unit otherwise agree on the disclosure or use of the user's personal information, and the user shall bear any risks that may arise. Wuxiaworld is not responsible for this. At the same time, in order to operate and improve the technology and services of Wuxiaworld, we will be able to use or provide third-party non-personally identifiable information to users, which will help to provide users with a better user experience and improve The quality of our services.

The use of cookies and other technologies, the service may use cookies, so that you can log in and use our services, and allow you to set your specific service options. Using cookies technology, we can provide you with more thoughtful and personalized service. Any content collected through the use of cookies is done in a centralized, anonymous manner. You can choose to accept or decline cookies. You can refuse cookies by modifying your browser settings. If you choose to decline cookies, you may not be able to log in or use cookies-dependent services or features.

This service requires the user to jointly enjoy and maintain the benefits provided by the user. The user hereby confirms that the service uses the resources of your computer's processor and bandwidth when necessary to allow other users of the software to communicate with you. Share the limited purpose of this service. This consent may affect the user's experience and unpredictable risks. You should seriously consider and make choices and take risks. The User agrees that the Software will use reasonable efforts to protect the privacy and integrity of your computer resources and computer communications, however, you acknowledge and agree that Wuxiaworld cannot provide any warranty for this matter.

Keep your usage history. When you use the search service, the server will automatically record some information, including URL, IP address, browser type and language used, and access date and time.

Wuxiaworld respects and protects all personal information that uses your personally identifiable information, your registered username, email address, etc., but Wuxiaworld reminds you that when you use a search engine The keywords you enter will not be considered your personal information.

In the following circumstances, your personal information will be disclosed in accordance with your wishes or the law, and the problems caused by you will be borne by you:

(1) Obtain your authorization in advance;

(2) Only by revealing your personal information can you provide the products and services you request;

(3) in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and in accordance with the requirements of the relevant government authorities;

(4) We found that you violated the Wuxiaworld company terms of service or any other product services.

(5) Other circumstances in which your personal information may be legally disclosed.

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